Martin G. Spinnler, CEO & Founder


Martin is a seasoned expert in Chinese markets, digital entrepreneurship, and advising, with over 21 years of experience in China.


Initially beginning his career in the finance industry as a financial planner, Martin worked at Winterthur Life, focusing on wealth and pension planning in Switzerland. In 2000, he pivoted to China, engaging in M&A and business development in digital ecosystems and marketing for various Chinese and multinational firms.


By 2005, Martin co-founded his first digital media startup in China, which quickly grew into a leading global hip-hop internet and event platform spanning China, Europe, and the US. He partially sold this venture in 2006 to a major global energy drink brand.


After a brief hiatus, Martin established the Inertia Management Group, reengaged with China's rapidly evolving digital landscape, and capitalized on emerging trends like eSports and digital marketing. He represented some of China's largest internet companies in Europe and spearheaded the first full digital marketing campaign in China for a leading global carmaker.


In 2018, he launched a Swiss startup—a digital platform for comparing retirement homes and homecare services—which he sold in 2020 to his partners.


In 2021, Martin founded the craftsman platform, which was integrated into in December 2023. Today, is one of the leading craftsman comparison platforms in the German-speaking area, reaching over 150,000 unique users per month with approximately 1.8 million page views.


In addition to his digital expertise, Martin is a certified landscape gardener and a trained Swiss financial planner, having completed various advanced management programs focusing on M&A, business development, and marketing. Additionally, Martin has extensive experience as a board member, advisory board member, brand ambassador, and connector of people, ideas, projects, and strategic partners.